DeviceClip architecture is based on LynOS, first ISP-oriented operating system designed to execute IPS programming Apps. LynOS leads to quick development of programming Apps in a native multi-channel environment. Apps are off-the-shelf available from Lynxar....
DeviceClip supports any mix of devices (microcontrollers, PLDs, memories) from any semiconductor producer. Channels of a very same DeviceClip unit can be configured to support totally different targets, bringing a flexibility never seen so far.
DeviceClip is based on a high-performance microcomputer, faster than any device programming requirement. Speed is only limited by the target devices' specs. Furthermore, DeviceClip's very small size allows its placement as close as possible to...

STM32 In-System Programming with DeviceClip DC4

Lynxar Technologies is a global, independent, high-tech company, leader in semiconductor device in-system programming for the electronic boards manufacturing industry. Lynxar is setting the new semiconductor device programming standard for the years ahead. It creates the programming systems that others think are impossible. Lynxar has ambitious goals and plans to make them happen. Lynxar team joined with a clear vision: radically improve the device in-system programming/testing sector, where no breakthrough innovation has ever emerged.



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Flash memory technology allowed ISP (In-System Programming) to become very popular.

ISP allows devices to be programmed when already soldered on the PCB. ISP offers several advantages over older techniques:
• programming takes place at the end of the manufacturing line,
• no need to stock pre-programmed devices,
• no need to handle modern ultra-fine-pitch packages.
ISP operation is generally accomplished on test fixtures, controlled by ATE and placed at the end of the manufacturing line. Too often, low-cost development tools are used to perform ISP operation, but the apparent economical advantage usually turns to be an overall cost increase if integration engineering time is considered. Furthermore, development tools are slow, affecting programming speed and reliability. Cost slashing and reliability improvement on modern PCBA manufacturing lines require professional tools, like Lynxar Technologies’ disruptive DeviceClip architecture.

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